Clay Work > Land from Above and Below, Atrium Gallery, Ottawa

I am primarily a hand builder and sculptor in clay. My interest is the human imprint on the land. How we slice it, measure it, use it, change it, abuse it and love it. My recurring themes have included the Canadian landscape, specifically the cultivation of agricultural lands as determined by our colonial history, current day practices and politics and the extremes from climate change.

I like the idea and process of using clay, to explore the ways we experience our environment. My surface treatments and exploration with ceramic oxides and glazes reference the land; peeling, cracking, lichen covered, flowing and once boiling, to now incorporating our trash.

As a ceramic artist part of my focus is an exploration of the subtle beauty of the prairie landscape. I also consider the colonial history and the agricultural economy of the Canadian prairies; some of my pieces are square or rectangular echoing the man made grid pattern imposed during the time of settlement.