Clay Work > Shroud for a Green Burial

This piece was part of the Saskatchewan Craft Council's Exhibition, Craft and Spirituality.
When I approached my parents about creating urns for them my mother exclaimed, "Oh no! We're having a green burial." This was a challenge for me. I contacted one of only 3 cemeteries in Canada, in Victoria, B.C. that provides for green burials. I discussed my ideas for a shroud and was assured that fired clay was considered a natural substance and could be buried.
The small roped sculptures represent bones, the earth, mountains, water, and minerals. My parents are hikers and skiers and my father is a retired geologist so they embrace the mountains. The beads represent children. I only made 4 and glazed them once - no do overs just like when my parents had us. The textures come from my hands, rice, chili seeds, tea leaves, and more.
I had made urns for my sister in law and mother in law. Those were very moving experiences. From the same clay and in the same way, I made remembrance keep sakes for family members. I repeated this simple process here.

100% printed cotton, Earl Grey tea used as a dye, jute rope, clay and glazes, miscellaneous stuffing.