Clay Work > FIREWORKS 2017: Sixteenth Traveling Exhibition of Handcrafted Clay and Glass Works Organized by FUSION: the Ontario Clay and Glass Association

As Canadian As Possible...
As Canadian As Possible...
clay and glaze

This piece was accepted into Fireworks2017, a biennial, touring juried exhibition hosted by FUSION: The Ontario Clay and Glass Association.

When I thought about what text to impress into a commemorative plate for Canada’s 150th year of confederation this quote came to mind. It rings true. Indigenous communities in Canada have many legitimate grievances and many in Quebec are content to mark their own 375 year history hence the white crackled surface over a gritty foundation. Regardless of how humble we consider ourselves to be, I have used the loudness of CAPITAL LETTERS because I think we also believe Canada to be a pretty great country.

When I was a child my mother used to exclusively listen to CBC radio. Morning Show host, Peter Gzowski put out a call to Canadians, “If the USA has, As American as apple pie, what do we have?” The contest winner was As Canadian as possible under the circumstances. All Canadians shared a knowing chuckle.